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Every week our team are working around the clock to design and curate amazing content that will change the way you work and live.

Over the past 15 years, our whole business has been uncovering thought leaders who are the best in their fields and have built in-depth expertise in myriad subjects.

Through our brand-new offering, Masterclass Pass, we’re opening our little black book and introducing these people to you. With Masterclass Pass you can now access every one of our online masterclasses for just $99. Past masterclasses have included How to Lead Through Crisis, How to Get Paid What You’re Worth, How to Maximise Your Impact at Work, How to Find your Top 5 Strengths (and dozens, dozens more.)

Just this past week, we’ve ramped up the production of our masterclasses so you can access more and more incredible information. There’s a handful of our upcoming classes below and we’ll also be adding more to the schedule every week. At just $99, it’s unbelievable value, so jump on here to access your Masterclass Pass and we’ll see you online soon!

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6 months access to all new online Masterclasses (minimum two Masterclasses per week).

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Live Q&A opportunities with experts and business leaders

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4 weeks access to watch the Masterclass again

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