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Theresa Miller

media trainer - " a media interview is not the time for an original thought." millerink media Media and Marketing

Sydney New South Wales, Australia
Member Since Dec, 2018

"Be the voice, not an echo"

I have been in the media for almost thirty years - as a TV journalist, producer, presenter and now media trainer and writer. I run practical, informative and engaging workshops in media training, presentation skills and better business writing. Over the years, I've coached all types of people, from charity groups to executives, footballers and pop stars, in the dark art of talking to journalists, without putting your foot in your mouth. I've worked for CNN in Switzerland, Sky News in London and Channels Nine, Seven, ABC and SBS-TV in Sydney, Adelaide and Darwin. I've written two books with another one on the way. My first was 'Making Babies - Personal IVF Stories' -Scribe. I'm on the IVF Australia Ethics Committee. I'm married with two daughters - one from a test-tube and the other, a home-grown surprise.

Creative, funny and smart.

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