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Gina McLoughlin

McLoughlinBall Pty Ltd Human Resources

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"Be authentic, be generous, be compassionate, be optimistic and be kind. If you love to laugh, as I do, it lightens the load in challenging times,"

I am a recruiter of BD and marketing talent for the professional services industry and have had my own firm for 13 years, McLoughlinBall. I work very successfully solo and I like it that way. Before that I worked as a senior marketer in a couple of accounting firms. I have an MBA which I started when my now 22 year old was 6months old whilst also working full time ...sometimes i think I must have been off my rocker. I love shoes, online shopping, reading (I always have a serious book and a non serious novel in the go) and anything with Cillian Murphy in it. I detest cooking with a passion but I adore food and eating out with great company. I believe strongly in karma and there lots more but I think thatâ??s enough for now.

Compassionate, optimistic, funny

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