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Sarah Cullen

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Terrigal New South Wales, Australia
Member Since Dec, 2018

"Kill em with kindness"

Iâ??m a mother, a wife and co owner of a business that I love :) I try to live a very full, active life and make the most of every opportunity that comes my way

Passionate, sensitive, Adventurer

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My work life blend

Why are you a Business Chicks member?

long time admirer and I finally made the move when I saw photos of premium members on a trip to necker island ;)

What's been the biggest pinch-me moment of your career?

Filling out tours a year in advance

How do you deal with setbacks, failures and fear?

To be honest Iâ??m not really sure how I can answer this besides saying I put one foot in front of the other. I am a nervous person by nature so I am in constant fear of everything. Somehow I conquer this fear by just waking up each day and never giving up

What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Will this problem still affect you a year from now?

Which women inspire you and why?

I am so inspired by any woman who is totally comfortable with who she is. Seeing someone completely comfortable in their own skin is amazing to me.

What's been the biggest challenge you have faced and how did it help shape who you are today?

Motherhood has been my biggest challenge but it has helped me appreciate all the little things in life and also reinforced the value of family

What are you really good at? (We know this one's hard, you guys! As women, we tend to talk about what everyone else is good at. But now it's your turn.)

Iâ??m good at making people feel at ease

What makes you happy?

Just being around family and friends always makes me happy. And wine... wine makes me happy ð???

What's your definition of success, and how will you know when you've got there? (Go on, aim high!)

This is tricky for me. In the business that my sister and I have, I suppose I am always reaching for goals in terms of how much money we make, but if I were to be really truthful with myself, deep down I know that we have already succeeded as we have done amazing things, been to amazing places and inspired others so even though we have such a long way to go, if it all ended now, I would fondly look back on it as a successful venture

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