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Gabriella Arvanitis

Family & Divorce Lawyer The Norton Law Group Professional services

New South Wales, Australia
Member Since Jan, 2019

"Work, love and play are the great balance wheels of man's being."

I am a passionate divorce & family lawyer, with a boutique practice in Leichhardt and Sydney CBD. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts� and a Bachelor of Laws from The University of New South Wales. During my time at university, I gained a broad knowledge of the law, having studied Chinese Law in Beijing and Human Rights Law at Columbia University in New York. I work across the broad range of Family Law matters, including property settlement, parenting, child support, spouse maintenance, and Binding Financial Agreements. I am compassionate and sensitive and committed to achieving the best outcome for my clients at all times. �  My biggest achievements have been assisting victims of family and domestic violence to find comfort and security and take the plunge into moving forward to separation and protecting their interests moving forward. Too many of my client's are the subject of ongoing family violence and come to my with such significant fear levels that they cannot move forward and see past the violence to a happier or brighter future. My initiative "My Sydney Family Lawyer" involves working with other professionals, including psychologists, counsellors, speech pathologists and other allied health professionals, to ensure my client's get the help they need first, to gain the strength to then take the first steps in separating, and moving forward to negotiating a reasonable settlement and parenting arrangements that will protect their children and promote harmony in the future for the particular family.

Goal setter. Daydreamer. Wanderer.

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