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Debbie Ettridge

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Adelaide South Australia, Australia
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""Momentum Is Everything....Keep a Dancin' Maria""

I am a Mum and a wife as well as a highly motivated person who thrives when working as a business development consultant in an environment with like minded people. I have one adult son who is still to this day, the reason for my purpose, success and happiness in life! There was a time when we shared a block of years together from when he was 12....we achieved mutual goals together because I worked in a very empowering environment which enabled me to learn so many skills not just about business but about "life"....we only have 1 let's make the most of our focus...What we focus on expands...and my son and I achieved through visualising...and working to an action plan... for him to go to USA and pursue tennis within the US college system....from that period tennis has always been in his life he is working in one of the top tennis academies in well, and by way of achieving goals with my son I too along the way empowered myself to have a go and achieve business su, travel and relationship goals! I am still achieving in many areas but all aligning is still exciting!

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