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HAMPTON Victoria, Australia
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""Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible" - Audrey Hepburn"

Growing up in a typical Italian trattoria in the beautiful Euganei Hills, just one hour from Venice, I have an innate love for celebration, entertainment, events, breathtaking settings and good food. I pursued my event management career in Budapest and London working on a variety of events and specialised in marketing and public relations for beauty and fashion later in Melbourne. I have realised that my favourite part of the job was event planning: starting something from scratch, overtaking all the challenges and seeing it coming to life beautifully, itâ??s such a rewarding experience . So after organising my dream wedding in Italy (and struggling to get all the information i needed from the other side of the world) I decided to start this new adventure and use my passion to guide anyone else who wants to celebrate their special day overseas, but also create amazing memories and bespoke events in my new home country, Australia.

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