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Member Profile

Fiza Errington

Operations Manager Yarra Yarra Golf Club Other

Victoria, Australia
Member Since Aug, 2020

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original"

Senior golf club management, loves golf, believes in encouraging more girls into sports and club management, mother of 1.

Driven, hard-working, curious

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My work life blend

Why are you a Business Chicks member?

I want to be more involved in the space of women helping each other, networking between women and learning more about myself and others

What's been the biggest pinch-me moment of your career?

Went to my first CMAA world conference in Texas in early 2020

How do you deal with setbacks, failures and fear?

Reflection and mindset

What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Life whispers at you constantly and we have to take time to listen to it

Which women inspire you and why?

Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown, Maya Angelou

What's been the biggest challenge you have faced and how did it help shape who you are today?

Facing termination of contract interstate and having to relocate to another state to 'start over' career

What are you really good at? (We know this one's hard, you guys! As women, we tend to talk about what everyone else is good at. But now it's your turn.)

Putting things together and understanding how it all works - from a perspective thinking and logical approach

What makes you happy?

My son

What's your definition of success, and how will you know when you've got there? (Go on, aim high!)

General Manager of a big top end golf club

My #BusinessChicks moments

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