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Member Profile

Lucy  Ormonde

Head of Content Business Chicks

Northcote (AU) Victoria, AUSTR
Member Since May, 2016

""What is meant for you will not pass by you""

My name is Lucy and I'm the Head of Content here at Business Chicks.

Tea drinker, story teller, explorer

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My work life blend

Why are you a Business Chicks member?

It would be weird if I wasn't... But seriously, there is something about this community. The kindness. The generosity. The camaraderie. I've seen the way Business Chicks can change lives and I love being part of something so powerful.

What's been the biggest pinch-me moment of your career?

Getting my dream job once upon a time. I went for a job interview with a woman who was once my career hero and I still remember the moment she called me a few hours later to ask one more question: "when can you start?"

How do you deal with setbacks, failures and fear?

I learned a little while ago that sometimes setbacks and failures are actually not a bad thing. Because it's only through set backs that we discover who we really are, what we're actually capable of and how badly we truely want things.

What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

'What is meant for you will not pass by you'

Which women inspire you and why?

Every single woman in the Business Chicks community makes me smile for a million different reason. They're bold, they're friendly and they genuinely care about making the world a better place for women.

What's been the biggest challenge you have faced and how did it help shape who you are today?

I'm one of those people who is deeply motivated by fear and challenge. I was having a hard time in my old job - it was an industry that once - but I also didn't know what I wanted to do. So I quit to go no where and figure it out. It was scary, yes! But I needed to feel that fear and use it as a motivator to go out and find something that truely makes me happy every day.

What are you really good at? (We know this one's hard, you guys! As women, we tend to talk about what everyone else is good at. But now it's your turn.)

I love working with words. Sometimes they spill out, other days they're like a jigsaw puzzle you need to piece together. But when you get the right flow, and when people want to read your words, it's an amazing feeling.

What makes you happy?

Friends. Family. Adventures. Cups of tea. Good books.

What's your definition of success, and how will you know when you've got there? (Go on, aim high!)

A job that motivates me. Family who complete me. Friends who value me. And a world that needs me (even if my contribution is small!)

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