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Emma Isaacs

Founder/Global CEO Business Chicks

Los Angeles California, United States
Member Since Oct, 2010

"Someone's going to do the things you dream of and create the life you want - it might as well be you!"

I've spent the past eleven years (eek!) building the Business Chicks community and serving our members in it. I believe in women so much and all I want to do is help our members be the best they can, convince them to back themselves more, and do whatever I can to assist in that mission.

Rule breaker, master of surprise, prankster

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My work life blend

Why are you a Business Chicks member?

Because I believe in supporting other women, period.

What's been the biggest pinch-me moment of your career?

When we launched Business Chicks in New York in July 2015 so many of our Aussie members came along to cheer us on. Can't quite believe their love, friendship and support in doing this. I felt so much pride and so much gratitude to them all. Still do. Another career highlight for me was when my then four year old was diagnosed and treated for cancer. My team stepped up in the most amazing of ways and held the space for me and my family to focus on my daughter's healing. Again, so proud and so grateful. I believe Business Chicks brings out the best in everyone.

How do you deal with setbacks, failures and fear?

The best way to deal with a setback is to wallow for about three seconds, and then pick yourself up and go attempt something even more amazing. Same tactic for failure. And fear? Feel it, go there, and then do it anyway.

What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Hmmm, always say yes and figure out the rest later.

Which women inspire you and why?

Those that care deeply about what the important people think, and those that don't waste a minute caring about what the others think!

What's been the biggest challenge you have faced and how did it help shape who you are today?

Moving to the US and being without my whole support system (team and family) has been the biggest challenge of my life. I'm still living it of course, but it's shaping me into a more resilient woman who asks for what she wants and has no time for walking on egg shells. Life is short, peeps!

What are you really good at? (We know this one's hard, you guys! As women, we tend to talk about what everyone else is good at. But now it's your turn.)

Hugging. Listening deeply. Caring. Having babies. All great skills for business.

What makes you happy?

Time alone. Ironic really.

What's your definition of success, and how will you know when you've got there? (Go on, aim high!)

I just totally teared up now, thinking about this (while sitting in a very busy cafe in Beverly Hills!) Success will be having my five children around me on my death bed, with them supporting each other and not being sad for my passing. If I can get them to that point, where they still like each other (and me), and if I can see that I've taught them to live life to the fullest and not be sad when it's done, then I'll consider myself very successful. Challenge accepted!

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