4 things you can do right now to overcome the mid-year slump

4 things you can do right now to overcome the mid-year slump

Feeling fatigued and uninspired by your job?

BY Sheree Mutton, 4 min READ

If you’re dreading the office come Monday morning or struggling to make it through to Friday each week, you’re certainly not alone.

Burnout is extremely common as we reach the half-way mark – and the end of a financial year can leave you fatigued and uninspired by your job. Coupled with the chilly winter weather, many of us are finding it almost impossible to sustain interest in our daily work tasks.

Thankfully, there are some simple strategies to stop bad work habits and help you get back on track.

1. Reassess where you’re at

This is the time to reassess where you’re at in your career or examine how your business is going. Are you struggling financially? Are you working overtime and not being rewarded for those extra hours? Do you need to employ new staff or upskill yourself? Use the month of July to see how you’re tracking professionally and think about options to grow your business or develop your career further. Now is the time to put in that extra effort to achieve greatness in the next six months.

2. Reset your goals

Losing focus of the goals you set at the beginning of the year or lacking confidence because you didn’t achieve them can further decrease motivation levels. There’s no point in dwelling on the past – learn from mistakes and move on. Instead focus on the positives and devise a new set of goals that you hope to achieve by Christmas. Write down three goals that are realistic and relevant to your career or business path. This will help you gain clarity for the remaining months of the year.

3. Reward yourself with a short break

It’s important to take time out from work to ensure you reset yourself mentally. Pushing through long hours is not good for your health and can leave you stressed, anxious and depressed. The best way to recharge and mentally refresh is by taking a mini break. Whether it’s a long weekend, a day at a spa or week-long digital detox, time away from our work environment will increase happiness, employee retention and workplace morale.

4. Reorganise your work space

De-cluttering your desk or office can help improve productivity, as can clearing that clogged inbox of yours. It’s no secret that it’s harder to concentrate on the job at hand when you have a mountain of papers staring back at you, so set aside time to reorganise your work space. File the papers, create a mood board and throw out any rubbish, it will make you feel less stressed and overwhelmed. 

Sheree Mutton is a freelance journalist and the Founder and Managing Director of media agency, Reeton Media, which specialises in content creation, communications and copywriting. She has written for The Australian Women’s Weekly, The Sydney Morning Herald, Kidspot and more.

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