The 8 awesome speakers attending Movers and Breakers this year

The 8 awesome speakers attending Movers and Breakers this year

You’re coming, right?

BY Nicky Champ, 7 min READ

For the uninitiated, Movers and Breakers is our annual conference, and when we say ‘conference,’ this isn’t your typical corporate getaway. You won’t find any yawn-inducing speakers here. We mix speaker sessions with cocktails, sunrise yoga, and poolside dinners. We know that it’s hard to step out of your business and life for three days, so we make this experience (like we do all our events!), buckets of fun.

It was Mark Zuckerberg who said, “Unless you are breaking stuff, you’re not moving fast enough,” and Movers and Breakers is all about helping you find your courage, lead better, make connections, ideate and collaborate. And as the cherry on top, we’re doing it all on Hamilton Island.

We’ve picked the best mix of thought leaders and CEOs in Australia that you can learn from over three days. Read on to find out who will be joining facilitator Karen James on Hamilton Island this year.


Cathie Reid


Want to know how to turn your startup into a billion dollar one? Good news because Cathie Reid is going to do exactly that. In 1998 Cathie and her husband, Stuart, started a small pharmacy business – they were employees one and two. Now, nearly 20 years on it has become a billion-dollar healthcare enterprise. As co-founder of Australia’s Epic Group, including Epic Pharmacy; the Icon Group and the Epic Good Foundation, she was inducted into the Australian Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame in 2015, and named in the AFR’s Top 100 Women of Influence. Cathie is looking forward to sharing the lessons learned and challenges overcome in what’s been an EPIC business adventure.

Dr Jason Fox


Dr. Jason Fox is a best-selling author and leadership advisor specialising in motivation strategy, and his approach is fresh, intelligent and practical. He was named Keynote Speaker of the Year in 2016 by Professional Speakers Australia, so we locked him to share that gold with our attendees. At Movers and Breakers, he’ll challenge you to think differently and creatively in both in your personal and professional life.

Lorna Jane Clarkson


We’ve all heard the term ‘activewear,’ but few know it was Lorna Jane Clarkson who first coined the term way back in the 90s. With a background as an exercise instructor, Lorna couldn’t find workout gear she wanted to wear so set about making her own. That was in 1989. Today she’s transformed her vision into one of the leading activewear brands in the world. She’ll share her story and the secrets behind her brand longevity.

Dee Madigan


Fans of ABC’s Gruen Transfer might recognise regular panelist, Dee Madigan from the show. Dee is an award winning creative director and has worked on some of the world’s best-known brands including Coca-Cola, Rexona, and Nestle. She’ll show us how to cut through and get people to listen to your brand, and why creativity is so important in brand positioning and advertising in today’s highly saturated market.

Colleen Callander


When Colleen Callander started working part-time at Just Jeans as a teenager, little did she know she’d go on to become CEO at two of the most iconic brands in the Australian fashion industry. Now CEO of clothing chain Sportsgirl, Colleen will talk us through her career journey, from her leadership style to how she helped Sportsgirl remain relevant and navigate tough overseas competition in the market.

Jane Martino


Jane Martino is the entrepreneur behind start-ups Smiling Mind, Shout for Good and Undertow Media. She founded her first business in 2002 at age 25 and went on to successfully launch four more. Including her tech startup, Shout, which was acquired by ANZ Bank in 2015. In her session, she’ll talk us through how to make your business and personal goals happen. Be prepared to come away inspired and motivated as you’ve never been before.

Kathy Kelly


Kathy Kelly is arguably the most resilient woman in Australia. In the past few years, Kathy Kelly has faced the unimaginable – losing two of her three teenage children in circumstances that should have, and could have, been avoided. Together with her husband Ralph, they have changed laws, introduced legislation, advocated for victims and established preventative programs all of which have contributed to keeping people, particularly teenagers, safe. From Kathy, we’ll learn how we can make real change, find peace and overcome adversity.

Nic Morris


Nic Morris is the Founder and Managing Director Human Tribe. She is a master in relationships and helping people and businesses achieve their goals. At Movers and Breakers, Nic will share her strategies to develop your strengths and motivate and inspire your team.

How’s that for an epic lineup? We cannot wait for Movers and Breakers this year. See the video below for just a fraction of the fun we had at last year’s conference.

Want in? Be quick; we are almost completely sold out. To book your room and find out more information head to the Movers & Breakers page of our website.


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