Movers and Breakers Speakers

You’re in for a real treat

We spend hours cultivating the people we think you’re going to walk away a little bit brighter and taller. This year, we’ve got people who are exactly going to do that for you.

Colleen Callander

When Colleen Callander started working part-time at Just Jeans as a teenager, little did she know she’d go on to become CEO at two of the most iconic brands in the Australian fashion industry. Now CEO of Sportsgirl, she’s got a thing for creating environments that allow people to contribute, challenge, be challenged and be creative.

Jane Martino

Jane Martino is a woman of many talents; it’s pretty hard to wrap her up in a few sentences, actually. She’s a serial entrepreneur and is the person behind brands like Smiling Mind, Shout for Good and Undertow Media. She has a knack for building commercially successful and socially conscious businesses that perk the interest of bigger corporates. She’s basically #entrepreneurgoals.

Dr Jason Fox

Last year Dr Jason Fox was named Keynote Speaker of the Year, so he’s got to be good, right? He is. Jason is a leadership nut who wants people to think differently, have better conversations and make braver, wiser decisions.

Dee Madigan

Dee Madigan is an award winning creative director and has worked on some of the world’s best-known brands including Coca-Cola, Rexona and Nestle. She’s also one of Australia’s most experienced political campaigners. Dee’s the executive creative director at Campaign Edge and a regular on ABC’s Gruen – she’s literally the expert in the art of persuasion.

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