‘Why you absolutely cannot miss the next Movers and Breakers conference.’

‘Why you absolutely cannot miss the next Movers and Breakers conference.’

Be prepared to laugh, to cry, to go deep, to learn in a way you have never learned before.

BY Clare Elsworth, 6 min READ

To my dearest Business Chicks tribe,

I have just returned from my first Movers and Breakers conference, and it is fair to say it was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

I was not sure what to expect as I boarded the plane from Sydney to Perth, and then on to Broome, but as Cable Beach had always been on my bucket list, I just knew I had to hand myself over to my tribe and get there. I had not even read who any of the speakers would be; I knew they would be the always inspiring, thought leaders from the best life has to offer. I knew the conference would have all the special Business Chicks elements we have all become so used to being spoilt by. 

For members who have been to Movers and Breakers before, you know I am not exaggerating when I speak of how truly phenomenal this event is. For those of you who have wondered if you should go, but need more than a ‘you will not regret it’ to get you there, let me see if I can help…

For starters, like all Business Chicks events, you do not need to know anyone before you go to have an amazing time. I have no doubt you will meet someone who is running on the same frequency as you and will make your trip all the richer. 

I actually wasn’t sure if I’d make this trip. The last year has seen the sudden illness and passing of my dad, my business close due to major manufacturing dramas causing collapsing financial stress, my ex-husband stopped paying child support leaving me in even greater financial hardship; the stress lead to haemorrhaging and major surgery at the start of the year – all whilst studying a full-time degree and single-parenting my son, navigating him through the grief of losing his grandpa. Through it all, my tribe hustled around me. You offered me work, recommended me to your friends, and checked-in to make sure I didn’t completely fall apart. It worked. I am now working full-time for an awesome company and finding my feet at last.

From the moment I checked in at the resort, I met two women I would continue to run into over the course of the next few days, offering me sincere generosity and warmth. To the new friend I met at the pool and then happened to be placed next to at dinner that night, to the women I have mutual friends with and had been chatting to in the Business Chicks Facebook group, this exhausted woman who had arrived on her own was buoyed by many.

Our MC for the conference is truly a master of her craft – could anyone do it like (my new best friend!) Karen James aka KJ. The speakers, as you can read about in detail via the recaps, are the best of the best. Be prepared to laugh, to cry, to go deep, to learn in a way you have never learned before and to flat out immerse yourself in the absolute plethora of possibilities. 

I found through the course of the conference that I was able to release some emotional baggage that was not serving me. I decided I would leave it in the west and not bring it back to the east with me. A fellow attendee gave me an incredible visual that will always remain dear; the sunset on what I Ieft in the west, and I have travelled home to the east, where the sun rises, and my future begins. 

clare elsworth

           My hot tips for your Movers and Breakers experience:

  1. If you cannot book when the next conference is advertised, don’t be sad. Start a special savings plan so you are ready for the following year – I know I will be!
  2. Don’t overpack – you’ll need room for the surprise gifts – in my experience, 7kg worth!! (THANK YOU!!)
  3. Leave your expectations of a conference at home, and be prepared to surrender to the experience. 
  4. Even if you are not a jump in the pool with your clothes on kind of person – embrace it…it is sooooooo worth it! (from a non-swimming girl who rarely gets her hair wet)
  5. Trust me when I say you will never regret going.

I want to leave you with some words from our conference theme song, and if you have a few minutes, watch this clip. I have no doubt we all have our own ‘Hugh’ championing us within this beautiful tribe.

“Look out ‘cause here I come, and I’m marching on to the beat I drum. I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me.” ~ Keala Settle, The Greatest Showman

Much love,

Clare Elsworth

Images: Hipster Mum photography

Thinking of joining us for Movers and Breakers 2022? You should! We’re heading to the Gold Coast and you can find all the details here.


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