This is the leadership program you’ve been waiting for

This is the leadership program you’ve been waiting for

Introducing our new LEAD program

BY Olivia Ruello, Business Chicks CEO, 2 min READ

Earlier this year we put a call out to the women of the Business Chicks community asking for your input.

We wanted to know about the challenges you faced in getting ahead in your career and businesses – and what tools and skills you felt you needed to overcome those challenges. In a period of just 48 hours, almost 3,000 of you answered our call. We studied every single one of those responses, including the 4,000+ written comments! Since then, together with our partners, the Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA), we’ve created a truly unique and powerful program that addresses the issues you raised. We’ve called it LEAD and we’re really proud of it.

LEAD is an immersive program delivered by some of the country’s best leadership experts and organisational psychologists. It will take emerging and established leaders within an organisation to the next level through a combination of professional coaching, psychometric diagnostics, highly engaging and dynamic learning activities, and expert facilitation in areas including influencing with impact, leveraging networks and adopting adaptive mindsets. Wrapped around the content is the warmth and magic of the Business Chicks community. So, as well as learning the tools and skills needed to be a successful leader, participants will be welcomed into a community to support them too; because we know how important that is.

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We’re currently accepting a limited amount of applications for LEAD programs to be delivered in early 2019. Each program will be tailored to the individual organisation, depending on the needs of the women in your team. Check out more about the program and express your interest here.

This work has been a passion project of mine, and it’s my hope that it will be pivotal in propelling more women into leadership positions across Australia; because that’s what we need to see.



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