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Meet the Business Chicks team

The kind of experience you get at Business Chicks is something you don’t find anywhere else and that very much comes back to our world-class team members and the enthusiasm we have for serving our community. We are passionate about bringing out the best in our members. We are pedantic about details. And we also make a great cup of tea. 

Job opportunities

Emma Isaacs

Rule breaker | Master of surprise | Prankster

Olivia Ruello

Equalist | Loyal | Igniting possibility

Abhinav Goel
Development Technical Lead

Disciplined | Energetic | Versatile

Amber Kingsley
General Manager

Adventurer | Realist | Nurturer

Danielle Nelson
EA to CEO/Office Manager

Determined | Loyal | Punk-rocker

Lucy Ormonde
Head of Strategy

Tea drinker | Explorer | Storyteller

Maggie Benjamin
Senior Events Executive

Ambitious | Lipstick lover | Social bunny

Nicky Champ
Digital Editor

Writer | Straight-talker | Big-picture thinker

Rebecca Bodman
Head of Communications

Equalist | Storyteller | Mumma

Rebecca Summers
Head of Events

Driven | Pragmatic | Positive

Samantha Conway
Senior Events Manager

Chiller | Happy-go-lucky | Go-getter

Sara Jenkins
Senior Events Manager

Beach lover | Determined | Social

Shaunagh Scott
Partnerships Coordinator

Foodie | Zestful | Shopaholic

We know you want to work with us. You’re only human.

Job opportunities

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