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What our partners say about us …

Apologies for the humble brag, but we’re incredibly proud of the partners we work with at Business Chicks.

We go above and beyond to choose partners that align with our values, understand the reason why Business Chicks exists and
want to work with us to create the best possible experiences for you, our members.

When it comes to partnerships, we look for Michelle and Barack Obama kind of magic; you know, the kind of relationships
that are going to last a long, long time. So far, we think we’ve done rather well.

Here’s what some of our partners have to say about their relationship with Business Chicks:

“The power of a true partnership is in coming together, being united by a common purpose, while bringing our individual strengths to the table. And that is what we
share with Business Chicks. We all want to see women thrive in business and working as a collective we are able to achieve much more together than we could by ourselves.”

“Toyota is proud to support Business Chicks as an opportunity for women (and men) in business to seek more in every aspect of their work and personal lives. Business Chicks call this balance; Toyota calls this ‘Oh What a Feeling”

“The Telstra Business Women’s Awards value our partnership with Business Chicks given our shared passion for women in business and empowering them to be the best they can be. Together we provide opportunities for like-minded women to connect, share stories and spark ideas; to be recognised and rewarded for their courage, leadership and creativity. And more importantly to achieve greater visibility to influence people and inspire other women”

“With an all-female executive team, the TFG team really understand women and the needs of women. Our partnership with Business Chicks is so much more than getting our brand seen by the right people – this is a partnership with the women of Business Chicks, the women who strive every day to be a better version of themselves. TFG is here to champion this journey by helping women look the way they feel, grow in confidence and get noticed in the right way!”

“Bond’s emphasis on fostering women’s leadership and furthering education aligns with the ambition of Business Chicks to empower women globally and foster professional opportunities. Our partnership has exposed the Bond brand to thousands of inspirational women across the country and given us the opportunity to connect with leaders in a range of fields.”

Nicola Paroissien, Truvee Senior Marketing Manager, is thrilled to partner with Business Chicks and says both brand’s philosophies complement each other beautifully.
“The Truvee and Business Chicks partnership is a culmination of two female-centric brands, with a shared passion for supporting women. Like Business Chicks, Truvee aims to create content, forums and conversations that encourage women to look at what truly inspires them and have the courage to pursue it. Inspiration these days can come from anywhere – friends, family, work, media, and often in an unexpected way. We believe that being inspired and inspiring others is contagious and enables women to do great things, both big and small, and we love being a part of this”.

“Working with Business Chicks has been one of the most rewarding partnerships we have worked on, for my client/brand and me personally. We truly feel like an extension of the team all working towards the best outcomes for our clients. No challenge is too much, and the team works so hard while still making it seem effortless. They are a truly inspiring bunch. For our brand, it has given us a highly engaged fan base and a chance to talk to potential consumers face-to-face and get real-time feedback on our product and packaging. It has also opened up so many doors for our brand to grow by connecting us with partners in the community and outside. The community is so spot on for our brand; it is such a broad group of women (and men) that have such passion for everything Business Chicks does, which has luckily trickled down to our brand, we have made some great brand advocates. All-round they are such a passionate bunch – the community, the partners, the speakers and the BC Team.”

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