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If you want to talk to women, you need to work with

Business Chicks

It’s just that simple.

Business Chicks is a unique platform that gives partners 360-degree
brand exposure – allowing you to communicate and
connect with all the people in our world in person, online and in print.

Whether you want to build your customer base or increase brand awareness,
our events, database, print and digital channels provide the perfect opportunity.


Digital and content




 We don’t just partner with anyone

It’s true.

We go above and beyond to choose partners that align with our values, understand the reason why Business Chicks exists
and want to work with us to create the best possible experiences for our members.

And because every single one of our relationships is unique, once we decide to go steady,
we’ll meet your needs perfectly – whatever they may be.

But you shouldn’t just hear it from us …

Here’s what some of our partners have to say about their relationship with Business Chicks


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