Masonry Champions of Change

Business Chicks and Masonry Champions of Change are a pretty incredible match.

Bricks, like Business Chicks, are durable, efficient, have great life cycle performance, and dare we say it, they’re also fireproof.

If you don’t already know … Masonry Champions of Change is all about inspiring contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment. They undertake research and provide technical resources and training to ensure that clay brick is recognised as a pre-eminent building material by leading architects, developers, builders and property owners.

Are you ready to play a bigger game?

Business Chicks exists to help make the world better for women, through providing a community for women to play a bigger game in work and life. Business Chicks’ Premium members have a whole swag of benefits under their tool belt, some being:

• A personalised profile page on the Business Chicks website
• Generous discounts to Business Chicks events and live-stream events
• A subscription to Latte, Business Chicks’ glossy print magazine
• First dibs on tickets at our most popular events
• Premium member-only bespoke events, video content, competitions and prizes
• Meet-and-greet/book signing opportunities at events
• And the opportunity to post jobs to your community

And these goodies are now yours! Why don’t you start connecting with our talented community? Or check out our events schedule.

Elizabeth McIntyre
CEO of Think Brick

When asked about being a female in typically male-dominated fields Elizabeth says, “I don’t think change is happening fast enough, but I think what was appreciated in both these scenarios [in her motorsport and construction industry roles] is perspective and diversity.”

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Trudy Davison

“Let’s swing open the doors, girls, and really stamp ourselves into this industry.”

Women account for just 11 per cent of the total construction workforce. Trudy Davison, COO, wants women to jump in to this diverse and growing industry.

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The famous Business Chicks ‘feeling’ comes down to our fearless leaders Emma Isaacs and Olivia Ruello, and it exudes from Masonry Champion of Change’s CEO Elizabeth McIntyre. Women like Emma, Olivia and Elizabeth are the bricks and mortar for making sure that our community are at the for-front of change, and that every woman gets the opportunity to build her own kingdom.