Business Chicks and Truvée


With a shared philosophy of the power and potential of women working together, the relationship between Truvée and Business Chicks is one that fits hand in glove. Both brands imagine a world where women feel part of something bigger than themselves and recognise and celebrate their many achievements.

About Truveé

Truvée launched in Australia late last year and is more than just a wine brand. Truvée is as passionate about supporting and empowering women, as they are about making expertly crafted wine.

Fittingly derived from the French verb ‘to find,’ each bottle of is a celebration of women who follow their passions, enjoy fulfilment beyond the day-to-day, and go after what matters most.

Created by a team of women united by their passion for wine, Truvée is a collaboration of the female spirit at every step of the way. Truvée knows that women are more than meets the eye; that beyond the obvious stereotypes lies passion and potential that you don’t always see.

A group of seven women (known as the Truvée Collective) is responsible for launching Truvée in Australia. These formidable women have helped shape Truvée, from its character, values, wine style, varieties, and packaging, right down to the intricate details on the brand communications. Each woman works in a different field, and the differences in perspectives, experience, knowledge and interests are the strength of this group; as the saying goes: the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.

Their goal was to create a wine brand that they were passionate about; and wines that women, like them, would enjoy.

Together, we’re celebrating women

Over the coming months, Business Chicks and Truvée will bring you a series of written articles and video content that aims to celebrate women and the many hats they wear.

Throughout this series we’ll be bringing you the stories of Business Chicks members and how they’ve got to where they are now. We’ll ask them about the inspirations in their lives, the challenges and how they’ve overcome them, and how they keep learning and growing.

We’ve asked some of the most prominent CEOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from within the Business Chicks community to reflect on seven core themes that relate back to the seven women of the Truvée collective – balance, personal growth, care, strength, passion, adventure, and reflection.

It’s our hope that all of this content helps you, the Business Chicks community, to learn from and inspire each other and to see that anything is possible when we come together.


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