We asked our community how they make the most of their days off and these are their hacks

We asked our community how they make the most of their days off and these are their hacks

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We hear a lot of talk about maximising your productivity at work (in fact, we wrote a whole article about it here!).

But, what about your personal life? How do you sit down on a Sunday night rejuvenated and refreshed, instead of burnt out or at the end of finishing Friends (again)?

We asked our community what works for them and the tips they’ve brought into their everyday life to make things just that bit smoother. From 15 minute pow-wows to upbeat Spotify playlists, we’ve got you covered.

Get all the tech

 It feels like there’s an app for everything today, so much so it can almost be overwhelming. Instead of you scrolling through the app store, we’ve picked out some of the most recommended apps…

Amanda said, “I absolutely love using my focus timer Pomodoro app in conjunction with the motivate and focus music my Calm app delivers.”

In case you’re not familiar with the Pomodoro Technique, it breaks down your work into 25-minute blocks of work time with small breaks in between.

The Bellabeat fitness tracker also came highly recommended from Annastasiia.

“I’ve got Bellabeat fitness tracker that looks beautiful with any outfit and keeps me on track with my personal well-being goals: drinking water, sleeping 7-8 hours and exercising.”

Fill yourself up with the good stuff

What’s the good stuff exactly? Well, it’s the habits or moments that bring you joy and fill up your cup. Whether it’s an actual cup of tea or having breakfast with a friend, prioritise the good stuff where you can.

Louise said, “Fill your own cup up first thing in the morning with things that give you joy.  Then prioritise three actions for the day and focus on achieving those.”

And Julie added in, “Not filling the diary to the brim and ensuring time for good nourishment.”


It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard it but there’s good reason. We know the benefits of gratitude also play out in workplaces, so it wouldn’t hurt to use it across both your personal and professional life.

“Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I always take a deep breath and take a conscious moment to remember everything I am already blessed with and everything I’ve overcome to become a female leader in my industry. This immediately helps me build my confidence back up and keep going!” Clarissa wrote.

Small tasks stack up

Ever left the dishes after breakfast to wash up at lunch, then at lunch leave them for dinner and by the time you get to dinner… well, it’s not so pretty then.

Heidi swears by tackling tasks in 15-minute chunks and we can definitely get on board.

“15 minutes of weekday heroism = a weekend of bliss! A daily 15min power clean before leaving the house leaves me unburdened of cleaning tasks on weekends! And if you wanted a tagline: 3 whole nights and 2 whole days without chore drudgery!”

Music to get you through

The hacks on music were wide and varying. Some swore by ‘white noise’ music or silence for optimal concentration, while others preferred a little something to have in the background.

Nicola said, “Phone on airplane mode, outlook shut and my favourite Spotify playlist to really help me focus. Sometimes my most productive days are where I’m not available to everyone and focusing on my tasks.”

Leisha also suggested, “Headphones with a set Spotify playlist with the songs on repeat.”

And, there you have it. We know it’s not a one-size fits all solution and you might try one and it doesn’t work for you (if you’ve ever tried listening to music in an open-plan office, you’ll know it’s a differing response). But, try another one, modify or even just download a different version of the app and hopefully you’ll find something that nails it.

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