17 podcasts we reckon you’ll love

17 podcasts we reckon you’ll love

From travel to business to culture podcasts, our members have got you sorted

BY Olivia Shearman, 7 min READ

It’s in times of great uncertainty that we crave a sense of connection and escapism, and these podcasts created by Business Chicks members are guaranteed to tick those boxes. So whether you need to pop your headphones on to escape homeschooling, need company on your daily walking loop or are looking to upskill during this time, we’ve got you sorted.

In the mood for … insights and hacks

In Hey Soul Sista, Melissa Histon is joined by incredible public figures, thought leaders and real-life women for real conversations about success, failure and valuable insights on how to live a happier, joyful and productive life.

In the mood for … everything from business to motherhood

Michelle Glogovac covers all of life’s tricky questions with humour, reality and important takeaways in her podcast My Simplified Life. You’ll find chats on everything from career switches to motherhood.

In the mood for … developing confidence

In The Confidence Chronicles, Erika Cramer dives into the process of becoming and creating confidence. Erika explores how to reclaim your confidence whilst stepping into your fully expressed self.


In the mood for … inspiration to build a better world

A Dog Called Diversity explores ideas of diversity and inclusion through the sharing of engaging and transformative stories. Lisa Mulligan speaks with incredible people committed to building a more inclusive, accepting and kind world.



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In the mood for … more sustainable living

In her podcast Low Tox Life, Alexx Stuart, promotes a relaxed and curious approach to making better choices to live a more sustainable life. This podcast covers a range of interesting topics from sustainability, health, fashion, farming and mind happiness, with practical actions you can implement immediately.

In the mood for … tricks and techniques to find your purpose

In Stand Out Life, psychologist, Ali Hill, sits down with remarkable women (and a few men!) to chat about how to live a life of purpose whilst making progress. This podcast takes you on a journey into what it means to live a Stand Out Life. Ali digs into their stories, both the successes and the struggles and in doing so, unearths insights into what it takes to live big and ultimately how they’ve found the wins in this crazy busy world.

In the mood for … unlikely and uncomfortable conversations

The Wabi Sabi Series podcast sees Michelle Cox lead unlikely conversations on uncomfortable topics. From the art of listening, to dying and grieving, this podcast is sure to leave you informed and inspired.

In the mood for … reflection and introspection

The Shift Series hosted by one of our fave coaches, Kemi Nekvapil, is a short form podcast, creating space for reflection, exploration, and meaningful action. Punchy and powerful, this podcast provides fresh perspectives on big themes of boundaries, growth, and commitment.



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In the mood for … some positivity and sunshine

In Seize the Yay, Sarah Davidson chats with some of the world’s most inspiring people to find out how they found their “yay”. It’s a dose of positivity and inspiration, check out her chat with Business Chicks founder, Emma Isaacs.



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In the mood for … building your empire

In Her Empire Builder, business coach Tina Tower is joined by a variety of guests to explore ideas from living as a millionaire to living life unapologetically. Within this podcast, Tina shows you how to live unapologetically whilst being your version of awesome.

In the mood for … thought-provoking ideas

The One Wild Ride podcast explores what it means to live a more meaningful life. Host Pru Chapman chats with activists, entrepreneurs and scientists and gives you deep, meaningful, and thought-provoking conversations.

In the mood for … online business support and advice

Stevie Says Social is a weekly podcast filled with proven tactics and strategies on how to start and scale an online business, build a personal brand, and create digital products.  Stevie Dillion presents a great business podcast with super valuable advice!

In the mood for … travel and adventure

Emma Lovell invites you to join her on her journey to visit 195 countries while raising awareness for mental health in her podcast Lovelly Travels. Our fave bits are the interviews with travellers and locals, tales from the road, and all the travel facts.

In the mood for … strong, sassy and independent women

Fight Like a Girl is an incredible podcast full of insight, sass and brilliant ideas. Rav Randhawa, Ella Heap and Bianca Small come together to chat all things from racism to relationships, and everything in between.


In the mood for … entrepreneurial experiences and expertises

The Emily Osmond Show presents great strategies and stories for anyone within the business space. With themes of money, mindset and marketing, Emily Osmond provides you with relevant and practical advice for today’s business world.


In the mood for … making the world more inclusive

Radically Inclusive is the podcast all about workplace culture and its effect upon inclusivity and diversity. Encouraging empathy towards everyone, this podcast aims to change the conversation to make the world a better place.



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