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“Joining PowerPlayers was life changing for me.  I have met a group of women who have become close friends and business confidants. Always there to support, encourage and empower, celebrate highs and reassure through lows.”

Pamela Jabbour,
CEO, Total Image Group

Business can be lonely – no matter how strong your team, how deep your knowledge or how much experience you have, it’s natural to feel isolated and alone. Are you making the right decisions? Could you be doing things differently? Or better? Do others know shortcuts that you haven’t yet learned? Welcome to PowerPlayers. An intimate-group mastermind experience of seasoned business owners just like you. They have your back. It’s completely confidential. And it works.

The PowerPlayers program is a peer-to-peer facilitated program designed for busy business owners who want real results. You work directly with your peers on your business, not in it, during a monthly session. Each session is expertly facilitated by an external consultant with decades of leadership experience and is designed for you to get perspective on your business challenges, and find perspective to propel you forward. All members go through a strict application process to ensure they’re a fit to the PowerPlayers culture, and are then assigned a group. Our philosophy is that no one is more important than another, no one is more busy, and there are lessons to be learned from everybody, no matter their experience and business size. We place emphasis on the giving of your expertise as much as receiving it.

If you’re ready to lift your business game, increase your knowledge and play among the best, then PowerPlayers is for you.

Why is PowerPlayers so impactful?

Private and confidential

PowerPlayers is a private network. Members are placed in a team of eight and meet 10 times a year. Confidentiality is imperative, with zero tolerance for those that don’t comply.

Structured and facilitated

Your sessions are expertly run by a facilitator. There’s a set agenda that your facilitator will guide you through so as to maximise your time. Think of it as your strategic problem-solving time and your opportunity to work on your business each month.

Learning through shared experience

Fast-track your business learning through the knowledge and business of your group. Group members share their step-by-step experiences and learnings so it’s hands-on, relevant, raw and honest.


PowerPlayers is not for everyone. It’s only for those who are serious about growing their business and increasing their knowledge and confidence. Our members go through a strict application process and are expertly vetted to ensure they are a fit.


As a PowerPlayer, you have access to experts and industry mentors who share their experience and knowledge. These people have started and scaled highly successful ventures and are ready to teach you everything they know.

Global community

As a PowerPlayer, you’re part of a global community of powerful business owners who can open doors. Thinking of going global? Considering raising capital? Tap into the knowledge of PowerPlayers all around the world.

“My one piece of advice for business owners? Get a support network. Find a group of people around you and have them on speed dial, so you can really tap into their advice and expertise. It’s crucial in business.”

Emma Isaacs, Business Chicks Founder and Global CEO


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