Want access to over 5000 magazines?

Want access to over 5000 magazines?

Meet your new favourite app, Readly

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Thanks to our friends at Readly – sign up now for your first month free.

You don’t have the time to invest in a new television series, you can’t face another game or DIY challenge, and the internet just doesn’t feel like escapism. We get it, and we’re all feeling it. Fortunately, Readly has just launched in Australia. Think of it as the Spotify or Stan of the magazine world – all your favourite titles on demand, for those sacred moments of alone time.

Readly is an app available via mobile phone, tablet or computer, that offers unlimited digital access to over 5000 Australian and international magazines and newspapers. You can share one subscription with up to five devices –  so at $14.99 per month it’s a really affordable way to keep the whole family (or office!) entertained, educated and off social media.

Founded in Sweden and now available in 50 countries including he United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Germany, Austria and Ireland, a Readly subscription provides access to titles from all of these regions, including some of our favourite business titles such as TIME, Forbes, Fortune and Entrepreneur (without the hefty international shipping price!) We love that you can read the latest editions, or check out the archive of back issues. And once you’ve selected a title you’re interested in, you can also choose to download the whole magazine to read offline.

The title selection includes magazines to keep the whole family entertained – such as BBC Good Food, Top Gear, Billboard, Hello and Australian titles including Frankie, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar and National Geographic Kids. To celebrate Readly’s launch in Australia, you will soon find our very own Latte magazine available digitally (for the first time ever!)

As most of us are spending more time at home and watching our spending more than ever before, Readly are offering the Business Chicks community a special offer to access one month free. Just sign up here and enjoy your new favourite digital subscription.


Indulge in the latest celebrity news, business, fashion, cooking and travel magazines on the ‘all you can read’ magazine app, Readly. Get one month free as a special offer for the first month, then it’s just $14.99 per month and you can cancel anytime. Readers have access to 5000 Australian and international magazines, and unlimited hours of reading, all from the convenience of your phone, tablet and desktop. Readly is easy to use, you simply sign up via readly.com.


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