7 reasons to experience The Business Chicks’ Knowledge + Study Tour  

7 reasons to experience The Business Chicks’ Knowledge + Study Tour  

Registrations are now open for 2020!

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If you follow us on social, you would’ve seen we’ve just come back from our latest Knowledge and Study Tour in LA. Twenty-five Premium members joined us to visit local LA businesses, study at the renowned UCLA Anderson School of Management, go behind the scenes at Disneyland, and step out of their comfort zones (don’t worry there’s no trust exercises involved!). Spots are already filling up fast for our 2020 tour, so if you’re even starting to think about coming along, register your interest now.

Read on for seven reasons why you need to be on our next tour…

1. Learning and growth, on a new level

You don’t need to have a business to experience the Study Tour. Nor do you have to be a senior exec in your company. You do however have to be open to possibility, be willing to go all-in and extend yourself. This Tour will push you to experience new learnings and concepts that you’ll be able to bring back and apply to your work, but it does require your openness and commitment.

2. Exceptional education

Through our partnership with UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, we’ll provide you with access to world-class learning. We’ve handpicked exceptional faculty members who – through interactive lectures – will help you identify immediate strategies to take home to your jobs and businesses. Plus you’ll stay on campus at UCLA (with a short five minute walk to the classroom) and get to experience all the university’s picture perfect Brentwood campus has to offer.

3. Unforgettable experiences

How many of your friends can say they’ve gone behind the scenes at Disneyland? At the Knowledge + Study Tour, we’ll uncover the secrets of how Disney has been making magic for its customers and people for almost a whole century now and use the theme park as a business lab. We’ll get the insider scoop on how Disney has been able to intentionally design and operationalise the customer experience from start to finish and how they continue to innovate this iconic brand. It’s a spectacular day with in-depth discovery and learning (and a bunch of pinch-me moments along the way too).

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4. The people you’ll meet

You’ll all come from different places. Some of you will be business owners. Some of you will be senior leaders. Some of you will be just starting out. But you’ll all be there for the same reason. By the end of The Tour, you’ll leave with a tribe of women who’ll continue to support you even after the final cocktail has been enjoyed. You’ll start the Knowledge + Study Tour thinking you’re there to learn from the businesses and from the lecturers, and walk away having learned just as much from the conversations you’ll have on bus trips or over breakfast or dinner with your fellow participants.

5. The location

With picture-perfect beaches, palm-tree lined streets, and backdrops of the iconic Hollywood Hills (not to mention 329 days of sunshine a year!), it would be remiss of us not to sneak in some sights and dine at some of Los Angeles’ top restaurants, enjoying all LA has to offer.

6. We open our black book to you

One of the highlights of the Study Tour is visiting local American businesses to see how they’ve scaled, attracted talent, solved problems, built brands, and achieved market share. From the scribbles on Post It notes on the walls to the intentional design of the offices, you’ll see how some of the top companies in the world really operate and learn how they motivate their teams to achieve success. We work hard to curate a fantastic selection of companies that we can all learn from, no matter the stage in your career or business.

7. Life is too short!

You could wait until the kids are a bit older. You could say you’re not experienced enough. You could make hundreds of excuses about why this isn’t the right time to go, or you could just listen to that little voice inside your head and just say yes. Trust us, you’ll be grateful you did!

Applications are now open for 2020! Register your interest here.  


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