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Replay: Why your support of Indigenous-owned businesses matters

Replay: Why your support of Indigenous-owned businesses matters

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BY Business Chicks, 1 min READ

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been trading – or doing business – for over 60,000 years. Indigenous businesses are a vital part of our economy and despite the misconceptions, go far beyond the niche of the arts.

In a recent Masterclass Online we were joined by Dixie Crawford, a proud Barkindji woman, Managing Director of Source Nation and an inaugural member of our Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board, Kristal Kinsela-Christie, a descendant of both the Jawoyn and Wiradjuri nations and Managing Director of Indigenous Professional Services, and Laura Berry, a proud Aboriginal and Italian descendent born and raised on the land of the Ngunnawal people and Chief Executive Officer of Supply Nation. We discussed the benefits of investing in Indigenous-owned businesses, how best to spend your money with them, performative activism and how to be an ally.

If you missed the masterclass and have been asking yourself, ‘how can I help?’ or ‘what can I do?’ our friends at Women NSW have you covered with a free replay.

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