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Terms and Conditions – 15 Years

15 Years Anniversary Campaign Terms & Conditions

What’s included in Premium membership 

You’ll make invaluable connections, get access to every Masterclass Online (and the entire back catalogue!), get access to virtual member-meet ups, discounted event tickets, first dibs on in-person events and exclusive Premium member-only experiences. Find out more. 


I want to sign up as a Premium member during the 15 year anniversary campaign. What’s the deal? 

Firstly, we can’t wait to have you in our community! To celebrate 15 years of Business Chicks, we’re offering non-members the opportunity to take $50 off the price of membership. The regular price of Premium membership is $199 + $9.99 joining fee, so between the campaign period of 12:00am Monday 16th November 2020 – 11:59pm Monday 30th November you can sign up as a Premium member for $149 + $9.99 joining fee using the coupon code 15YEARS. 


How long is the $50 off offer valid for? 

The offer is valid from 12:00am Monday 16th November 2020 – 11:59pm Monday 30th November 2020 


How do I redeem the offer? 

Complete the form and submit payment on this pageYou must enter the coupon code 15YEARS to redeem the discount. 


I signed up/renewed my Premium membership for $199 before the campaign started. Can I get a refund? 

The $50 off membership offer is only valid during the campaign period of 12:00am Monday 16th November 2020 – 11:59pm Monday 30th November 2020.  

Just like that pair of shoes you bought and wore before they went on sale, unfortunately we cannot refund you for the discount. 


Can I take advantage of this offer and renew my existing Premium membership for $149? 

If you choose to renew early, your Premium membership will last for 12 months from date of renewal. Renewal is not an additional 12 months added on top of your existing membership. 


I am due to automatically renew my membership during the campaign period, how much will I pay? 

Surprise! If your renewal falls between the campaign period of 12:00am Monday 16th November 2020 – 11:59pm Monday 30th November 2020 you will automatically renew for the reduced price of $149. Lucky duck! 


I need to keep the taxman happy, where can I get a copy of my membership tax invoice? 

We’ve made it super simple to keep the books balanced! Just log into your Business Chicks profile, click the “My Account” icon on the top right side and you’ll be able download your invoice there by clicking on the “Purchases” tab. 


You haven’t answered my question and I need to speak to someone. 

We’re so sorry to leave you hanging! Email [email protected] and one of our friendly team will get back to you. 

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