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Business Chicks and The Hunger Project 2018 Senegal Journey

How it works

We’re so excited to announce that the next trip will be taking place in Senegal in February (6th – 14th) 2018. Your life changing journey begins by completing an application, followed by a pre-trip interview and selection process. You must already be, or join as, a Premium member of Business Chicks to be one of the 20 women selected. You must also have an active membership at the time the trip occurs.

The process of transformation and leadership starts with your commitment to fundraise or personally invest a minimum of $10,000 to The Hunger Project Australia, which goes directly toward empowering women and men to end global hunger.

Prior to departure, you’ll take part in facilitated webinars and teleconferences to start unpacking important leadership lessons, offer support, and learn about the pillars of The Hunger Project’s work.

The journey allows you to witness the transformation of village women from non-literate, softly-spoken, subjugated individuals to powerful leaders who come to understand that they are the key to ending poverty and hunger for their communities. Through observing the women trained by The Hunger Project and relating the experience back to personal circumstances, new possibilities arise that will have you explore your role and your place in the world.

Facilitated workshops are held on the ground, and connections and relationships are formed in an exquisite and rich tapestry of love, strength and commitment. The essence of The Hunger Project comes alive in each person, as they overcome barriers and break through beliefs to what is truly possible when we come together in a shared and transformational journey. You’ll be introduced to a new way of helping people that’s sustainable and goes far beyond aid and charity, and the experience is both profound and life enriching.

Cost of the The Business Chicks and The Hunger Project Senegal Journey will be approximately $3,500. This covers all on-ground transfers, accommodation, and meals. Flights, visas and immunisation costs are not included.


6th – 14th February

2018 Senegal Journey proposed itinerary

6th February: Arrive in Senegal. Welcome dinner to meet your fellow participants and The Hunger Project (THP) team.

7th February: An introductory workshop to immerse yourself in the country, the work of THP and getting to know your fellow participants. What are you looking to get out of the program? What can you expect to see, hear and learn throughout the week?

8th February: Visit Mpal Epicentre and meet village partners: Here you’ll get to see the work of The Hunger Project on the ground. You’ll meet the local staff and volunteers, be introduced to the programs they run, and meet people who have benefited from the programs including food security, microfinance, health, nutrition, adult literacy. You’ll hear their stories and have the opportunity to interact, ask questions and learn from their challenges and successes.

9th February: Visit Coki Epicentre and surrounding villages: We’ll to visit the villages in the epicentre catchment area. You’ll meet some of the families, hear their stories and visit their homes. It’s an opportunity to get an in-depth insight of afternoon activities or downtime.

10th February: Visit Diokoul Epicentre: Epicentres can vary depending on the needs of the community, the village leadership and the engagement of the partners. We’ll have the chance to see an epicentre at a different level of progress and understand the challenges faced, and the different approaches to solving these challenges.

11th February: Tourist Day – In Saly

12th February: Visit Ndereppe Epicentre: Here we will take our learnings from the previous visits and be able to experience the work of THP with a new lense of understanding. We will engage with the community leadership, the partners and the volunteers to expand our thinking and understanding

13th February: Full day workshop: What’s my vision for the future? What do I want to commit to for myself personally? This day will be finished with our celebration dinner.

14th February: Half day workshop: Consolidation of our learnings throughout the trip. What have I learned? About the work of THP? About the women and men in the communities? How can I take my learnings back into my day to day life, both business and personal? Travel to Dakar will be incorporated into the day

We’ve had over 120 Business Chicks Premium members take on this personal journey.

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