The Hunger Project

It’s time to step up into your own power and potential

In 2011 we partnered with not-for-profit The Hunger Project Australia, and out of that grew the Business Chicks Immersion and Leadership Program – a fully immersive seven-day trip that has proven completely transformative for all involved.

If you’re ready to play a bigger game and step up into your own power and true leadership potential, this is your opportunity. The process of transformation and leadership starts with your commitment to fundraise or personally invest a minimum of $10,000 to The Hunger Project Australia,

which goes directly toward empowering women and men to end global hunger. Venture on a journey to unlock your creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurialism in tandem with some of the poorest and most marginalised women in the world. Both Business Chicks and The Hunger Project believe that everyone can be a leader. Your job title plays no part in this. The trip is a very personal journey of discovery that will ignite endless possibility, help you grow, smash your fears – and (we’re not being dramatic when we say) change your life. Our next trip will be in February 2018 and we’ll be taking 20 Business Chicks Premium members to Senegal.


“It changed me and transformed my mindset from one of limitation to one of expansive abundance.”

One of the defining moments in my life came in February 2013, on my first of three trips to India with The Hunger Project. I sat in a small room on a dirt floor in a tiny village called Lahora, three hours out of Jaipur in Rajasthan. I was talking to a woman named Badam Devi, the elected Sarpanch (village leader) – an illiterate agricultural worker from a marginalised community who lowered her veil when she spoke. Yet against all odds and against chronic corruption within the bureaucracy, as well as centuries-old patriarchy and gender inequality, Badam Devi had managed to get roads built in her community for access and safety, pensions for widows who were otherwise denied them, schools built, and kids fed at school (so they would at least get one meal a day).

She had a vision for her community. She had built a succession plan for her tenure through the sponsorship of younger women in her village, she was courageous and determined, and she had followship like nothing I had ever witnessed. She took risks and fought hard for the rights of women and girls in her community.

I was witnessing the rawest but most effective form of leadership I have ever encountered. Because of the training she received by The Hunger Project, her leadership potential had been unlocked. Sitting in front of Badam Devi I suddenly knew that anything was possible for me in my life. I knew I could do better, that I could be better, and that I had an opportunity to unlock my own leadership in a real and tangible way. It changed me and transformed my mindset from one of limitation to one of expansive abundance.

This is just one story out of hundreds that come from a journey with The Hunger Project – and it’s why we’re so proud to partner with them to bring you our Leadership and Immersion Program.

Olivia Ruello, CEO, Business Chicks Australia

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