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“I’ve never looked back”

“I’ve never looked back”

Bonnie Hindmarsh on starting Three Birds Renovations

BY Business Chicks, 1 min READ

Before Three Birds Renovations, Bonnie Hindmarsh was an Operations Manager at a rugby league club. It was her idea to start Three Birds Renovations with best friends Lana Taylor and Erin Cayless despite none of them having any design or building experience.

Her gamble paid off.

The business has a renovated nine houses, a beach shack, set up a Reno School, collaborated with many brands, and now has a social following of over 315K on Instagram alone.

We sat down with Bonnie recently to talk career pivots, how the three of them “butt heads all the time” but never stay mad, and why she’s never looked back.

“Taking that leap of faith is scary, but I don’t regret it for a second.”

If you’re looking to learn how to renovate like the Three Birds – they’re about to do another Reno School intake soon, find out more here.

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Image: Three Birds Renovations 

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