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You can still get last-minute tickets to 9 to Thrive!

You can still get last-minute tickets to 9 to Thrive!

You coming?

BY Business Chicks, 9 min READ

You may be wondering if it’s too late to grab your ticket to 9 to Thrive? It’s not!

All the action is kicking off this Friday at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park. Joining our founder Emma Isaacs and CEO Olivia Ruello in Sydney will be Roxy Jacenko, Tanya Hennessy, Antonia Kidman, Sally Obermeder, Jackie Frank and so. many. more. incredible women.

Check the info below for what our speakers in Sydney will be covering and read the full schedule and panel times here. Remember you can pop in and out between meetings, come for a half-day or join us for the full two days – it’s completely up to you!



Roxy Jacenko in conversation with Shelly Horton

Presented by Wittner

Time: 9:30 – 10am

At the age of 24, and with next to no experience, Roxy founded Sweaty Betty PR – Australia’s most successful public relations agency. She is the author of three books, owner of three companies, and one of Australia’s most recognised socialites and media personalities. Roxy and Shelly will cover the nitty gritty of running a company, what it’s really like being a self-made entrepreneur, and how she’s navigated the ups and downs in her business and personal life.


Time: 11:10 AM – 11:40 AM

Speakers: Julie Ockerby, Melissa Browne, Laura Hall, Liz Nable, Pamela Jabbour, Leanne Haining, Julie King.

Moderated by Karen James

We’ve gathered eight of our Premium members for a raw, real and open discussion about business and what women supporting other women looks like when it’s done right.


Time: 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Speakers: Emma Isaacs, Nicole Eckels and Kristy Withers

Moderated by Kemi Nepkavil

You’ve read the book, now join the author of Winging It, Emma Isaacs along with two of our favourite women in business, Nicole Eckels of Glasshouse and Kristy Withers of Incy Interiors for a discussion about the magic of winging it, and what happens when you jump in before you have all the answers. The equally impressive Kemi Nepkavil be also be on stage moderating the panel!


Time: 1:30 PM – 2 PM

Speakers:  Natarsha Belling, Fadzi Whande, and Aisling Finch

Ever wondered how some women landed their awesome jobs? We’ll chat to TV presenter Natarsha Belling, Aisling Finch of Google, and Fadzi Whande of UN Australia about how they turned their passions into a full-time reality – and how you can too.


Time:  2:10 PM – 2:30 PM

Speakers: Business Chicks’ CEO Olivia Ruello and Marcele De Sanctis, Centre for Leadership Advantage

Our CEO Olivia Ruello and Dr Marcele De Sanctis of the Centre for Leadership Advantage will talk through some of the challenges of women in leadership positions face, how to think strategically and why it’s critical to your success.



Time: 2:45 PM – 3:15 PM

Speakers: Celina Lazarus, Violet Roumeliotis and Madeleine Buchner

Moderated by Olivia Ruello

We chat with three brilliant women who have made it their mission to hustle with heart. Be inspired by Celina Lazarus of First Crop Coffee, 2017 Telstra Business Women of the Year and CEO of not-for-profit Settlement Services, Violet Roumeliotis, and Madeleine Buchner of Little Dreamers.



Time:  4:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Tanya Hennessy, Sophie Cachia, Emmylou MacCarthy

Moderated by Talitha Cummins

With over 1.5 million folllowers between them, we’ll chat to some of Australia’s biggest influencers about how they’ve cultivated a community online and how they’re using their influence to bring about real change.




Presented by Volkswagen

Time: 10:30-11am

Speakers: Emma Isaacs, Antonia Kidman, Sally Obermeder, Rachael Finch

Moderated by Kemi Nekvapil

Does balance really exist? How do you do it all? If these two questions make you want to stick chopsticks in your ears, then this is the panel for you. Emma Isaacs, Antonia Kidman and Sally Obermeder have 13 kids between them and in this session, we’ll look at why work and parenting is always a juggle, what happens when the wheels fall off, and why no one ever asks how the working dads ‘do it all’.


Time:  11:10 AM – 11:30 AM

Speaker: Michele Chevalley Hedge

Bloated, moody and exhausted? Stop beating yourself up… your hormones might be to blame for anxiety riddled days and tired but wired nights. Michele Chevalley Hedge, is a qualified nutritionist who really gets it. Before becoming a nutritional medicine practitioner and international author, Michele was a marketing manager for Microsoft. She understands the needs of a busy, time poor woman who desires a healthy physical and mental body without an extreme approach. Michele’s down-to-earth talk includes evidence based research, and the best bit? She won’t tell you to deprive yourself of wine and coffee!



Presented by Forever New

Time: 12 PM – 12:30 PM

Speakers: Erica Stewart, Michelle Battersby, and Laura Huddle. 

Erica Stewart, the CEO of Hard to Find and Michelle Battersby of Bumble Australia and Laura Huddle of Eventbrite will cover how they navigated and succeeded a typically male dominated industry and talk through the skills women need today to be tech ready for the jobs of the future.


Presented by Australia Post

Time:  12:45 PM – 1:05 PM 

Speaker: Rebecca Burrows

There is a huge opportunity for Aussie businesses to sell overseas, and it’s never been easier. Join Rebecca Burrows, General Manager Segment Development and Marketing (Business and Government) at Australia Post for an informative and practical discussion about the checks and balances you need to have in place to successfully take your brand overseas.


Presented by Invisalign

Time: 1:25 PM – 2:05 PM

Emma Isaacs in conversation with Jade Hameister

As women we often put off the moves we really want to make. We wait until the time is right (FYI: there’s never a right time!) and prioritise ourselves last. Emma Isaacs wants you to do the exact opposite. In this interview, she’s joined by Jade Hameister, adventurer and the youngest person ever to achieve the Polar Hat Trick, for a motivating chat about going after what you want.



Presented by Barbie

Time: 2:20 PM – 2:50 PM

Speakers: Emily Duggan, Amna Karra Hassan, and Samantha Gash

Moderated by Kemi Nekvapil

The last 18 months have been a pivotal time for women here in Australia and around the world. We’ll chat to three incredible women who have broken barriers, smashed glass ceilings, and chat about what it really takes to be the first at something.



Presented by Fernwood Fitness

Time: 3:10 PM – 3:40 PM

Speakers: Alexandra Smart, Diana Williams, Jackie Frank, and Leah Itsines.  

It’s one thing to start a business, but how do you turn it into a brand? Alexandra Smart of Ginger & Smart, Jackie Frank and Diana Williams of Fernwood Fitness are the smart people who know how it’s done. They’re joining us to talk about what separates a business from a brand, how to find your company purpose, and how to turn likeability into loyalty.

Head to our 9 to Thrive page to grab your tickets. See you there!


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