6 time-saving beauty products we swear by for our morning routines

6 time-saving beauty products we swear by for our morning routines

Ready to halve the time it takes you to get ready?

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Remember those holidays we just took over the New Year break?

Those blissful two weeks where you didn’t quite know what day it was and everything was just a bit … slower. You aren’t alone if the break feels like it was months ago and the ‘hustle and bustle’ of everyday life has kicked in at full-speed.

To help you bring a little bit of that holiday energy into the year, and maximise the hours you have in the day, we’ve sourced your must-have, time-saving beauty products. Products that you can quickly and easily apply, in between waking up kids, making breakfasts and lunches, on the bus, or coming in from the gym.

esmi Skin Shield Natural Sunscreen SPF 30


Sunscreen has become a non-negotiable in our skincare routines so we’re always on the lookout for products that either contain SPF or, even better, sunscreen that can be applied under makeup.

esmi’s Skin Shield Natural Sunscreen feels like it’s barely there – no grease and no residue that changes the texture of your foundation. The other major plus of the product is that it’s fragrance-free, preservative-free and non-acnegenic (basically that means it won’t clog up your pores).

Did we mention it takes two seconds to apply in the morning? Win!

Shop now – $49.95

PONi White Knight Mascara


The positive reviews don’t stop flying in about this one and for good reason. This mascara is guaranteed to last you through the work day (and well into the night) without rubbing off or smudging under your eyes – so no need for constant touchups!

That also counts for when it starts to rain or there’s humidity in the air. When applied, the mascara creates water-resistant ‘tubes’ that encase each individual lash and protects your eyelashes if you’re ever caught in the rain.

On the other hand, and something we absolutely love, is that it doesn’t require any synthetic makeup removers to come off. Just using warm water, the tubes around the lashes dissolve and wash off without any hassle. It’s perfect if you’re A) wanting to cut down on wasting makeup removers, B) have sensitive skin or eyes, or C) want to fuss less and get on with your day!

Shop now – $30.00


We recommend this as your go-to product if your skin is feeling dried out and you don’t have the time for the complete moisturise, face mask, serum and cleanse routine.

After trialling and testing different products, this esmi one kept coming back as the winner. As it says on their website, even just spending a day in the office, our skin is exposed to all sorts of pollutants, air con, UV light and wind. This product is designed to rehydrate your skin after experiencing those daily pollutants.

As a spritz, it also makes for that perfect 3pm pick me up (if you’re anything like us and tend a get a little lethargic in the afternoon!).

Shop now – $35.00

PONi Brow Magic


Let’s rewind in time to about 2010 when we decided that plucking our eyebrows into tiny lines probably wasn’t the wisest beauty trend. We turned about 180 degrees to the bold, thick, and natural (well, as natural as possible after plucking) brow. Soon enough, we saw headlines that our eyebrows were the most important facial feature and beauty companies have been trying to produce that “all-in-one” brow pencil that actually delivers.

Well, we have some awfully good news for you. PONi’s Brow Magic pencil ticks all our boxes:

  • Easy to use
  • Colour matching
  • Quick to apply
  • Made to shape

Described on the website as perfect for both beginners and experts, we can absolutely testify to this. Especially if your brow growth is light or patchy, it can be a little scary shaping some new brows but this pencil makes it super simple and the sharp edge means there’s not a lot of room for error.

Shop now – $29.00

Lip Heroes Matte Lipstick

Unless you’re a regular user of a bold lipstick, applying it can be a slightly … precarious situation. There’s always the chance of run-off or perhaps slightly missing the shape of your lips. So, we’ve found the lipstick you can apply if you’re running out the door, in the back of a cab heading to a meeting, or brave enough to try it on the bus.

Lip Heroes’ Matte Lipstick is designed to be worn all day, without flaking or bleeding. Plus, the lipstick has been developed with moisturising properties so you won’t find your lips drying out after a few hours. Need we say anything more?

Shop now – $40.00

PONi Unicorn Champagne Highlighter


Cheekbones. Under your brows. Down the bridge of your nose. Eyeshadow. This beautiful highlighter has you sorted. Imagine it as your makeup best friend, which will always make you feel (and look) extra glowy. We reach for this highlighter when we want to slightly elevate our daily makeup routine, want to add a little shimmer, or don’t have the time to start fresh on eyeshadow.

You can also build upon the highlighter, depending on the intensity look you’re after. Or, we use it to transition from a day into a night look in under 10 seconds. Plus, with a built-in mirror, you can apply this on the go and with very little fuss.

Shop now – $40.00

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