Top 20 places to work in 2018

Top 20 places to work in 2018

And what they get right, according to their employees.

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Apple has been named the nation’s top employer in the 2018 Randstad Employer Brand Research, with technology outshining aviation (for the first time in four years) as the top sector.

“Technology is ingrained into our everyday lives. From ordering food on the fly, to searching the latest jobs, the whole world is just a few taps away from your fingertips. Apple has led the technology revolution, so it’s no surprise that Aussies looking to ride the wave of innovation see the Californian tech giant and the technology sector in general as a great place to develop their careers,” said Frank Ribuot, CEO of Randstad Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and India.

Virgin Australia and Qantas ranked second and third respectively, praised for their perceived booming financials, focus on innovation and public reputations.

What do these findings mean for you?

If you are an employer it is crucial you are investing in innovation, while also maintaining your public image to ensure you engage your current employees and attract future talent. BUT the single most important factor to your current (and future) employees is work-life balance, landing the top spot of what employees seek in their employers at 54%. It was found that these were the strategies the top 20 employers all had in common – so they are obviously doing something right.

So what’s their secret?

30% of Australian’s are planning to change their roles within the next year – a significant increase from last year’s results. This research found that the top 20 employers can attribute to their success to is their ability to present a true image of who they are as an employer and to commit to it. These companies are delivering a genuine, consistent and balanced experience that proves to be the most meaningful to employees in a competitive job market.

Australia’s Top 20 Most Attractive Employers

1. Apple
2. Virgin Australia
3. Qantas
4. Competitive Foods Australia
5. ABC
6. Wesfarmers
9. Australia Post
10. Cabrini
11. Australian Government
12. Queensland Government
13. PWC
14. Healthe Care
15. RMIT
16. The University of Melbourne
17. IBM
18. NSW Government
19. Nestle
20. ACT Government

What employees perks Australians want the most

1. Work-life balance: 54%
2. Salary and benefits 52%
3. Job security: 52%
4. Pleasant work atmosphere: 39%
5. Good training: 37%


Australia’s Top 10 Most Attractive Industries Awarded by Randstad in 2018

1. Technologies 49% (up 4%)
2. Early learning 49% (up 10%)
3. Engineering 45% (down 1%)
4. State and Federal Government 44% (up 3%)
5. Education 44% (up 3%)
6. Life Sciences 43% (up 8%)
7. Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities 43% (up 10%)
8. FMCG 41% (up 5%)
9. Arts, Entertainment and Recreation 41% (not measured in 2017)
10. Retail 41% (up 6%)

You can request the full Ranstad 2018 employer brand research here.

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