Tracey Spicer launches NOW, Australia’s answer to #TimesUp

Tracey Spicer launches NOW, Australia’s answer to #TimesUp

Here’s how you can help support and drive change.

BY Nicky Champ, 3 min READ

During her speech at our recent International Women’s Day event, Tracey Spicer revealed she was about to launch Australia’s equivalent to Time’s Up (a movement against sexual harassment formed in the aftermath of #metoo and the Harvey Weinstein revelations). And today is THE day.

NOW Australia is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation that aims to end sexual harassment, intimidation, and abuse in our workplaces.

Tracey is spearheading the movement with the support of celebrities in the arts and entertainment industry, including Deborah Mailman, Tina Arena, Missy Higgins, Yumi Stynes, Clare Bowditch, and Faustina Agolley.

“NOW is more than a call for change,” Spicer explained. “It’s the place people can have that crucial first conversation about what they’re going through. By connecting them to the support and advice they need, we’re also providing the strategies to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace for the next generation.”

When the #metoo movement started in the US, Tracey sent out a tweet and received 160o disclosures from women of all industries sharing their stories of workplace sexual harassment and abuse. Tracey has been an instrumental force in Australia to bring to light allegations against some of the most powerful men in the entertainment industry.

“#MeToo is the movement. NOW is the moment.”

What you can do:

Follow NOW Australia on social media:

Instagram @now.aust

Facebook @NOWaustralia 

Tracey Spicer @traceyspicer


Share this post with your colleagues and friends, and encourage them to join the movement on social media or donate.

If you wish to add your voice to the thousands of Australians coming together to speak out against sexual harassment in the workplace, you can email your information and a contact phone number to [email protected]


You can support NOW Australia by making a donation at now.org.au.

If you’re a lawyer interested in joining the NOW network of legal support, please get in touch at [email protected]


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