Setting work-life boundaries when it’s all being done under the same roof

Setting work-life boundaries when it’s all being done under the same roof

Separate your working hours and personal life with these tips from the Business Chicks community.

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Remote work has been the way of life for years for many in the Business Chicks community. So, with more of us working from home than ever before, we gathered tips from our experts on breaking up work and personal life when it’s all being done under the same roof. We’re all in unique situations and facing different pressures as we go through a global pandemic, so we’re not here to dictate the rules for you. But you might just find a piece of advice that sticks and changes your working habits for the better.

Define your workspace

Working from a dedicated space in your home will help to delineate your workspace from your personal life. If you can shut a door on your workspace – even better! While it’s tempting to switch up your location, it’s important to try and maintain a work-free zone for you to relax and unwind.

It’s worth investing in a comfortable and supportive office chair for the many hours you’ll be seated. You might also like to have the option of propping your computer up to create a standing desk set up.

Get some fresh air

Taking a walk alone, with family or the pet dog is a great way to signify the start and end of the working day.

Try taking a lunch break in the sun for a change of scenery and some Vitamin D. 

Dress for productivity

For some, getting dressed and ready for work is the best way to prepare for a productive working day. Rather than reaching for activewear or track pants, put on something comfortable yet work appropriate. A bright lip, accessories or a spritz of perfume (we love BOSS ALIVE) are nice rituals to switch you on for the day.

Take a shower and change clothes at the end of the working day. It will help to change your mindset from work to personal time.

Set boundaries

One of the challenges of remote work is getting family and friends to understand that you are working, and not simply just at home. Try and set clear boundaries for a start time, regular breaks, lunch, and end of the day. A sign on a closed door to indicate working hours might seem drastic, but works a charm for some households.

One of the advantages of working from home is the flexibility to complete household chores throughout the day. However, for some, this can break focus and make it harder to get back into the swing of things when you get back to your desk. Just as you wouldn’t cook dinner or do the ironing while at work, it might be more productive to avoid these tasks during working hours.

As tempting as it may be to pick up your phone for a quick Instagram scroll, you might find it easier to break up the day by saving your social media apps for outside of work hours.

Keep up the contact

During your working hours, make an effort to connect with one person you can learn from. Whether it’s a podcast on in the background, a call with a colleague or mentor, or a Masterclass with a subject expert, you’ll associate this with working time and better focus on the rest of your tasks.

You can also establish a working day routine by jumping into a Facebook group at a specific time every day, or set up a regular morning or afternoon call with clients or colleagues.

Get organised

Start the day by setting a schedule of your top three tasks to accomplish. Allocate the time to focus on them around everything else you’ve got going on. You’ll feel better ticking off three things rather than being faced with a half-completed list at the end of the day.

Try and stay focused on one task at a time, and set allocated times to check emails to avoid getting stuck in your inbox all day.

Close out the working day by writing your priorities for the next day on a fresh page. It will help switch into a home mode when you’re clear on what needs to be done tomorrow (and might help stop your brain going a million miles an hour thinking about anything that hasn’t been completed!)

Make time for yourself

For those used to travelling to work, it’s tempting to spend your commute time at home working. Take advantage of the extra hours in your week by focusing on personal activities – spend time with your family, exercise, read, or just hit that snooze button in the morning!

Light a candle every evening to break up the day, or save a special candle for Friday afternoon to wind down the week and signal the weekend.


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