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We believe that every woman is capable of achieving brilliant things – but you can’t do it alone. And that’s why Business Chicks exists.

We’re here to support each other, learn from each other and to give back. Whether you’re running your own show, surrounded by others in an office, or just missing that sense of connection and support, the Business Chicks community has your back.

Join our global movement of women, and here’s a taste of what you’ll get …

Business Chicks is a global community of women

Being a member of Business Chicks is so much more than a business card swap. It’s about being part of something that’s bigger than you.

Pore over stories that matter. We also publish a glossy print mag just for Premium members.

Get discounts to all our events, from blockbuster breakfasts to workshops – and score invitations to Premium member-only gatherings.

Time for a change? You’ll be able to search for once-in-a-lifetime jobs and post jobs, too.

Get access to life-transforming leadership journeys, support platforms and once-in-a-career experiences.

Learn from some of the best with our monthly Masterclass Online webinar that’s FREE for Premium members.

We share stories that matter

If there’s one thing we know at Business Chicks, it’s that the best lessons come from the people around us and those who have come before us.
Every day, we’re sharing the stories of our members to our global community.

The social tech startup tackling 3.9M tonnes of food waste
Remember that time 27,000kg of tuna in individual 50g plastic packages was about to be thrown away after a large supermarket cancelled their order at the last minute? Probably not, because it never ma
read more

A message from our CEO, Olivia Ruello

When you’re a member of Business Chicks, you’re part of a global movement of women who support each other, learn from each other and give back.

That’s the ethos here at Business Chicks. It’s our hope that each individual action within this community will create a ripple effect and contribute to what we care most about – making the world a better place for women.

For some of you that will mean consuming content that challenges your thinking, for others it will mean going to events that inspire you to reach higher. You might engage in conversations that you’ve never had before and we certainly hope you’ll meet some people you might not have crossed paths with otherwise.

Whatever it is you’re here for, we want you to know that the entire Business Chicks community has your back. We’re so grateful to have you here and can’t wait to connect.


We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve had some of the world’s best on our stage

We’re also very modest.
But, seriously, over the years we’ve had speakers like Gloria Steinem, Richard Branson, Julia Gillard, Arianna Huffington, Jamie Oliver and Sophia Amoruso grace our stage. From blockbuster breakfasts and intimate dinners, to inspiration-jammed workshops and networking events, we’ve got something for everyone.

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