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Business Chicks makes the world a better place for women

At Business Chicks, we believe that every woman is capable of achieving amazing things. But we also know you can’t do it alone.

So that’s where Business Chicks comes in.

Despite our name, we’re not only for women in ‘business’ or women who own their own businesses. Business Chicks is about helping all women play a bigger game. Whether you’re running your own show, surrounded by others in an office, or just missing a sense of connection and support, Business Chicks is all about giving you the tools you need to propel yourself and your businesses forward.

When you’re a member of Business Chicks, there’s not just one woman who has your back, there are thousands.

Every day, Business Chicks works tirelessly to represent and support our members, and to give them the connections and experiences they need to lead a bold life and show women and girls they can be what they can see.

We don’t want to live in a world where a Google Image search for ‘CEO’ yields pictures of only men; where women need to work an additional 70 days a year to earn the same amount as men; and where too many women are scared to ask for the pay rise they deserve.

We want to live in a world where workplaces adapt their structures around mothers instead of mothers adapting their work lives around having children, where the ‘gender pay gap’ no longer makes headlines – because it doesn’t exist – and where collaborative, inclusive and compassionate leadership is celebrated.

We want to reimagine the future for women, and at Business Chicks, we can all play a part in making that happen.

People often say there’s something special about Business Chicks

They call it ‘the Business Chicks magic’ or ‘that Business Chicks energy’ and they always find it hard to put their finger on. But while it’s hard to touch, and it’s even harder to explain, it’s there and it’s yours to access.

There are a million ways to experience that Business Chicks ‘feeling’.

You might find it by hearing from a world-class speaker who inspires you and elevates your thinking with their stories of courage and resilience. You might experience it by joining us on a leadership trip that changes your life in ways you never thought possible. You might get that ‘feeling’ at one of our events, or when you read the stories of women who will inspire you to live a bigger, bolder life. It will come when you share a win or a challenge with thousands of women you’ve never met before.

Whoever you are and whatever you’re looking to achieve, it’s our hope that you’ll get to experience that Business Chicks magic and that it will leave you feeling like anything is possible – because we know it is.

Emma Isaacs, Founder

Emma has devoted her working life to serving our members and rallying for women everywhere. She has one of the world’s most impressive black books, and when you meet her you’ll see straight away how that Business Chicks magic came to be.

Read about Emma

In the past 13 years, we’ve connected thousands of women

We’ve sent members to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, cycle through the fields of Cambodia, and dance on tables at leadership retreats on Richard Branson’s private island.

We’ve had members start businesses and jobs they never imagined possible because of the encouragement of the women around them. We’ve heard stories of women who met their future business partner or boss in the crowd at our events. In fact, some of our members have gone so far, they’ve become the speakers on our stage.


Who can I meet?

And we’ve also put on some incredible events

We’ve had speakers like Brené Brown, Julia Gillard, Gloria Steinem, Jamie Oliver, Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, Nicole Kidman, Seth Godin, Sophia Amoruso, Nigella Lawson and Sir Bob Geldof.

Every day, the Business Chicks team is working hard to secure the next speaker to add to that list of world-class thought leaders who’ve shared a stage with Business Chicks.

What’s on?

We know we’re stronger together

We also know what happens when you focus on giving rather than getting.

The Business Chicks brand is synonymous with giving and generosity. You could even say it’s in our DNA. Sometimes that means giving time to help members find the connections and ideas they need, other times it’s reaching into our pockets to buy raffle tickets for charities close to our hearts.

Over the years, we’re raised more than $12 million for charity. We’ve also used our voice to advocate for more female leadership positions, better paid parental leave policies and greater protection for the victims of domestic violence.

And do you want to hear the best part?

We’re only just getting started.

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